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Milagros of Colorado Soaps

Milagros “Miracle” Soap

Milagros soap is Colorado made in downtown Brighton. Our soap is vegetable glycerin, which means no detergents and toxins, such as lye, which will strip your skin of the oils it needs to stay healthy, and no animal products(except for a few that contain milk). Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant, known to bring moisture to the surface of skin, making it an extremely gentle soap on dry skin and sensitive skin. We also use essential oils to give it it’s fragrance, not alcohol-based perfumes, which means the fragrance lasts as long as the soap lasts.  The colors we use are water-based and safe on sensitive skin.  In fact, we recommend this soap to anyone who has sensitive or delicate skin, as it’s extremely safe and healthy. We’ve also worked very hard on our soap recipe to make sure it lasts and lathers well.

They are beautifully wrapped and ready to go for that special gift!  Large 8 oz. bars $7.75 ea. 

Plus, ‘Happy Endings’ for $2.25 ea.


The Regular ‘House’ soaps are ‘Milk and Honey’, ‘Lilac’ and ‘Colorado Wildflower’!

The ’May’ soap of the month was ‘White Tea’!  and we still have some left!

The ‘June’ soap of the month was ‘Madame Butterfly’, featured on the home page! scented with lily of the valley, summer melon, apple, jasmine and rose!

July soap of the month is ‘Pikake’, scented with Hawaiian Jasmine!

We also have added Patchouli Vanilla and Hibiscus, which is now on sale 20% off!

Also, we have added Mitty Gritty, Coconut, Lavender and Cherry Oh! 








Colorado Wildflower




White Tea




Milk and Honey